Uses Of Sodium Benzoate

Uses for Sodium Benzoate Works Only Under These Conditions


Sodium Benzoate Is A Used To Increase Shelf Life Of Various Food Products .

A Preservative Widely Used In Food And Beverages To Increase Expiry Of Product And Accelerate It Life.

Sodium Benzoate is Linked To Affects Carcinogenic Effect On human Body.

Sodium Benzoate

What Is Sodium Benzoate

Sodium Benzoate is a white crystalline powder .

Solid That Is Soluble In Water And Alcohole.

Is is Used As preservative in acidic liquid preparation in which benzoic acid is released

What is Benzoic acid ?

Uses For Sodium Benzoate

Benzoic acid And Its esters occur naturally in gum benzoin and in peru and tolu balsams.

It is found as white crystalline solid that slowly sublimes at room temperature and is steam distillate.

It Is slightly soluble in water (0.3%) but more soluble in alcohol and in water polar organic solvents.

It has a Pka Of 4.2 Benzoic Acid is Externally as an antiseptic in lotions ,ointments and mouthwashes.

It Is more Effective As An Preservative Products At Low PH.

When Used As A preservative In Emulsions Its Effectiveness Depends On Both pH And Distribution Into Two Phases.

Uses For Sodium Benzoate

  • Is Is Food Additive Or Supplements Approved By FDA .
  • It Has Number Identified By 211.
  • Often Used In Sauces and packaged food materials.
  • In Cough Syrup it is used as preservative .
  • It Helps Tablet To Break Easily in GIT OF Human.
  • Blood Level Increase By Ammonia Is Decreased By Sodium benzoate.
  • In Toothpaste ,Mouthwash,and Cosmetics Products it used as Diluents.
  • It Is Used As Stabilizer in photo Industry and helps in hardness of plastic


Uses OF Sodium benzoate Is Preservative which Used in Food And Cosmetics Industry .And Has Utility in packaged in medications industry

This Common Uses Of Sodium Benzoate And Various Derivative of Sodium Benzoate is also Has Various Utility This Is Other Cup Of Tea

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